My names Rhea,
nuff said.
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My body is mine. I don’t understand how having ink or metal in it makes me unfit to do a job. How is it that it is ok to ignore how someone performs, because they don’t look like what you think they should look like? Would it be ok if someone applied this same concept to hair? How about skin color? Body weight? Gender? Employers discriminate for those reasons as well, but we don’t accept it nearly as much. Perhaps worrying about how employees look rather than their skills is a big reason the US is starting to suck at everything.
Someone needs to put them in their place. Like, no. You get to tell me when and how to complete a task, not how I should look. My body is mine. I can make it look how I want to. You choose to look like an asshole, and you work here without a problem.
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